You have visions. You ponder your backyard and imagine extending your life into your own great outdoors. You have so many ideas, inspired by your experiences—where do you start? New Creation Decks is your sounding board and design partner. How much will it cost? We will establish a budget with you at onset and design to it. How beautiful can it be? We will show you. Your dreams and ideas will guide us as we articulate your unique space.


You are looking for quality in an era of compromised craftsmanship. Look no further. New Creation Decks never compromises in product or service, using only superior materials and precise building techniques.  You worry about the disruption of construction. New Creation Decks is sensitive to this and demonstrates respect and professionalism throughout the entire build process.


Construction is complete. A variety of experiences await you: tranquil sunsets, warm breezes, beautiful views, and lasting memories made with family and friends. Your space is unique to you: fireplaces, soaking tubs, water features, outdoor kitchens, gardens and pergolas.  You now have your own outdoor living dream that beautifully connects you to everything around you. Relax and enjoy it.


Connecting You to What Matters

At New Creation Decks, our state-of-the-art outdoor spaces compliment your home and your aesthetic desires while harmonizing and enhancing the natural beauty around you. Not only beautiful, our designs make sense. The thoughtful layouts and quality materials will have you spending more time outside connecting with those you love and the great Colorado outdoors.


Quality Products and Service

New Creation Decks provides a custom experience that is tailored to your desires, schedule and budget. We strive to provide a better experience for our clients, offering truly personalized service and designs. Quality extends from service to product with our use of superior building materials, such as precise, engineered steel framing and durable, attractive composite products for a truly maintenance-free deck. Since 1999, New Creation Decks has been producing exquisite outdoor architecture of strength, function and beauty for families in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region.


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