Enjoy Colorado to its Fullest

Pergola addition to Colorado Springs home built by New Creation Decks

Summer is a beautiful time in Colorado, so why not enjoy every second of it outdoors! We can build structures that are not only beautiful, but functional as well. We can add lights for a romantic ambiance and also for a practical use! Spend as much time as you can outdoors this summer and we can help build you a beautiful escape to relax into.

Roof Covers and SO much more


Roof covers seem to be trending for outdoor living, and we can see why! They functionally add shade and coverage during everything Colorado has to throw at us, and they are stunning to look at! The architect and builder for this roof cover took extra time making sure that this would be a lasting addition to the clients home as well as flowing nicely with the surrounding houses and buildings around it. We are in love with the way this deck turned out!


Simple is Stunning

Low deck project on Colorado Springs home, built by New Creation Decks.

Sometimes the most amazing features of a home are the most simplistic. This deck has very beautiful yet simple elements that can be the canvas for the owner to add their own flare with furniture or flowers! Your deck is an extension of your home, which for many, is an extension of personal style and personality! Call us today and we can help create that blank, yet beautiful canvas for your style to shine through.

Spiralize your Deck!

Concrete Deck 5

As kids, many of us dreamed of having a spiral staircase and now we can turn those whimsical childhood dreams into reality! These staircases can turn any ordinary deck into a work of art. Most spiral staircases are made of steel which can add an industrial modern look onto your deck and house. We love turning your dreams and desires into a beautiful and functional outdoor living escape.

Southwest Colorado Design

We love this design because it incorporates amazing structural elements with a seamless southwest pergola.This pergola isn’t like many we have seen or built before. It replicates and mirrors the shape of the deck and casts a beautiful shadow onto the deck! We love when we can incorporate the homes original design with your outdoor living dreams.



Fire Features

Colorado Springs Outdoor Fireplace 5

Fire features are a big WOW factor for any outdoor living space. Fire pits like this allow for conversation to flow freely and for unobstructed views of our favorite feature; Colorado. We want the natural beauty of this amazing place we live in to shine in ANY outdoor living creation that you desire.