Transforming Your Home

There’s the obvious things you can do to transform the look of your home, new paint color, new landscape, but have you ever thought of transforming your deck? It’s such a perfect place to let your design side wild! This before and after shot really show how you can take a deck and have it completely transform the look and elegance of your home!b3 img_2443

Warm Romance

Warm Romance

Now that the summer is dwindling to an end, and cooler fall temperatures are already upon us, what a better way to spend time outdoors still than a hot tub! We can build decks with hot tubs as the focal point or we can seamlessly hide it to make your yard the true masterpiece! Imagine spending Colorado nights outside while its snowing and still staying warm with the ones you love!

Colorado Springs Deck Hot Tub 3

Before and After

B1 (1)

We love to look at before and after pictures of outdoor living spaces we have created! Take a look at this new patio! It went from bland to beautiful! Pergolas add a touch of industrial elegance and can make your home go from average to absolutely amazing!


A3 (1)

Our Crews Hard at Work


Our crews work incredibly hard to make sure that the deck and outdoor living space you have in your head is built to be strong and to last! Here you can see one of our crews working hard on building a steel frame for a deck. Steel frames ensure that the deck will be extremely strong and will survive through the elements that Colorado throws our way everyday.


Lighting can be a necessary factor in any outdoor living situation. Why not transform a boring light bulb into an expression of self style! When picking out lights, try to pick a style that flows with the rest of your house and accents your design style!DSC_7447

Deck Furniture

Deck-16 (1)

Deck furniture can be as simple as a lawn chair or it can elevate your space into a true work of art. When choosing deck furniture, try to find one theme and stick with it for beautiful results! We love the red cushions that this owner chose for her beautiful deck! She can comfortably sit out on her deck and watch a gorgeous sunset over Pikes Peak!

Deck-18 (1)

Showroom Barbecue

We recently had a barbecue for our employees and their families to say thank you for all of their hard work and to showcase our showroom! We are a family run business that loves to serve the Colorado Springs community. We pride ourselves on being honest, family-friendly, caring, and hardworking. We love this place we live in and we want our clients to really see that!




Multi-Elemental Decks


Having multiple elements can sometimes be intimidating! It can seem overwhelming on deciding where to place every feature you want in your deck and yard. We love how this one turned out because it has a few different elements but they all mesh so well together that it was a design match made in heaven!



One of our favorite products that we use is Allumawood by Amerimax. It’s an aluminum product that is designed to look like wood but with the strength and durability of metal. It’s coated with Teflon which helps repel dust, dirt, oil, stains and rust. This material is very low maintenance and it requires no painting! In the 15 years that we have been using Allumawood, we have NEVER had a product failure, so we proudly use it for our customers who want a wood look, but without the intensive care that comes with wood structures.

Custom Railings


Add an elegant touch to your deck design with a design directly in your railing. It’s a very subtle addition to your deck that can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary! We also love how this deck is a concrete deck which means that it will stand up to all of the Colorado elements! If you have an idea for a design, we can work with you to make sure that design can be incorporated flawlessly into your new deck!